Quick Start, Modified Quick Start, And Ease In Programs Are Here To Help You Lose Weight At Your Rate

Obesity and preobesity are medical conditions best treated by medical providers.

The Pro-Health Services Center For Medical Weight Loss has been serving Central Ohio since 2009. Specializing in medical weight loss, the initial visit begins with a body composition analysis which tells a patient’s fat weight, muscle weight, water weight, and metabolism.   As a result, we can then design a program unique to each individual and discuss anticipated weight loss within just 6 weeks!
In addition, we offer supplements loaded with the B-vitamins including lipotropic injections and sublingual sprays so this can help reduce fat and convert it to energy. We also discuss the role prescription anti-obesity medications play, and we offer semaglutide, the GLP-1 agonist which is making headlines in the weight loss arena.  In addition, we also offer the Olympia Weight Management kit which is a great alternative to hcg products.
At follow up appointments, we don’t just measure the change in weight, we measure how the body composition is changing and improving health. Therefore, this gives powerful insight and makes sure weight loss is safe. Lastly, counseling is offered during the visits to help educate and facilitate behavior changes for long term success and we offer telemedicine visits to help achieve this. Allow us to walk with you on this journey to improving your quality of life.

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Quick Start Program

Being on a low calorie diet allows for safe, rapid weight loss with the use of medical grade meal replacements.

Modified Quick Start Program

The modified low calorie diet uses the benefit of medical-grade meal replacements in addition to a regular meal to transition to an all food program or to stay on a maintenance program.

Ease In Program

A balanced deficit diet consists of eating regular food while reducing caloric intake so weight loss can occur. 

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